Clear + Direct

Think about a glass of water that you are given at a restaurant. What makes you know that water is safe for you to drink? Is it because you know exactly what tap it came from, or that you’ve eaten there before or know the staff? Maybe. I bet it could also be that it is served in a clear glass and the clarity of the water helps you trust that you are drinking a glass of safe water.

While that is a superfluous example, having clarity into situations and systems allows for us to build trust more quickly compared to viewing obstructed information or feeling like we don’t see the whole picture. NSRH is committed to creating a community built upon a foundation of trust. Transparency and clarity in our actions fosters our shared understanding that uplifts nurses and promotes SRH education and connectivity. We understand that it can be hard to build trust when just starting in the SRH field or if you are entering a community new to you. That is why we will be sharing our Trust Levels system in detail with members to help grow trust in NSRH and trust within our community of disruptive nurses. Check out the Trust Level system overview.

NSRH offers clarity around our vision and values to help nurses understand quickly if this is the right space for them. We strive to remove ambiguity from our work to bring all our members together to share in NSRH’s goals for supporting nurses today and the future of nurses passionate about SRH. Trust and Integrity are two of our core values, and through clarity we are able to embrace those values openly.

We invite you to ask questions, make suggestions, and challenge us. We can ignite the revolution in SRH when we know clearly where we stand. Members play a key role in shaping the future we demand. This is your association, and we are here to support and serve you. Get ready to participate and engage with your fellow nursing community through the membership network of NSRH!

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