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Those of you who have attended our activist conference have felt the power of the NSRH network. For more than five years now, NSRH has brought together nurses and midwives from across the country to hear from one another, expand their knowledge base, and build community. The activist conference is a cornerstone of NSRH’s commitment to building a strong and trusted community, and it continues (although interrupted by COVID-19) to provide an invaluable opportunity for nurses in SRH to reconnect and forge new connections.

These connections persist beyond the walls of our conference. Members of NSRH are able to attend our in-person events, and they will receive 24/7 access to an online community of students and professionals. Despite working, studying, and living in cities across the country, our nurses and midwives connect, whether virtually or in-person, with one another. This is because we share a common commitment of ensuring just, dignified, and comprehensive SRH care for all. Joining NSRH means joining a network of clinicians, researchers, students, and advocates who are as passionate as you are about fighting for change in our healthcare system. As a member, you will gain access to not only our catalog of educational, advocacy, and professional development resources, but a community of allies ready to stand alongside you as you navigate your journey through the SRH field.

At NSRH, our community has been a central part of our history, and it is core to our mission. Whether it be through our campus chapters, the NSRH rotations, or our activist conference, we have and will continue to unite disruptive nurses from different cities, different sectors, and at different points in their professional careers for a common goal. Our community is as strong as it is unique; because we support all nursing professionals and nursing students, connections are developed and knowledge is passed between nurses and midwives of varying backgrounds, credentials, and sectors. Joining NSRH is an opportunity to unite and mobilize, and we can’t wait to connect with you! To learn more about our membership program and the options available to all types of SRH students and professionals, reach out to Nikki at [email protected] to see where you fit.

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