Cultivating Comprehensive Care

We caught up with NSRH founding member Alli Mitchell, RN, IBCLC, PHN, SNM, to discuss identity and the role of intersectionality in comprehensive SRH care. Alli (she/her) is a registered nurse, lactation consultant, and student midwife based in San Leandro, California.

What are the intersections of your identity?
I am a biracial, Black & Latinx cis-gendered woman. I am a registered nurse, a lactation consultant, and student midwife. I am the daughter of an immigrant and 1st generation Bay Area native on my mother's side. I definitely feel that the intersections of my identity allow me to foster deeper connections with my patients.

How does intersectionality impact your work in clinical practice?
Intersectionality helps me to relate to my patients. I am fortunate to be able to serve my home community here in the Bay Area, which is made up of large numbers of Black and Latinx people. I know that when I am supporting patients, they feel safe, seen, and cared for because we come from the same background and share similar life experiences.

On a day-to-day basis in the clinic, how can nurses and midwives better honor and respect their patients’ multiple intersecting identities?
I feel the best way that nurses and midwives can honor and respect their patient’s intersecting identities is by listening and holding space for them. Allowing them the chance to share their concerns and goals surrounding their care.

How can we use identity intersections to provide more comprehensive care?
Comprehensive care should be driven by an individual’s need and identity intersections. As providers, we should be tailoring care based on our patient’s individual needs and experiences.

Do you have any resources about this topic that you would recommend nurses look into?
I recommend the following resources: Black Mamas Matter Alliance, The Black Maternal Health Caucus, Expecting Justice, PostPartum Justice, and SisterSong.


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