Competent + Capable

Nursing Students for Choice started in 2006 with a group of passionate nursing students who stood up for inclusive, full-spectrum sexual and reproductive healthcare. For well over a decade, nursing students have held the torch and marched toward changing their communities and curriculums to include comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare. Students are capable of so much and the competency earned and shared with chapter members created a foundation for nurses to come together to learn. Check out the full history and evolution of NSRH here.

It is because of our competent student leadership that we have been able to sustain and grow over time and we are excited to launch the full membership program to bring our nursing students and nursing professionals & educators together in community for support, continued education and connection. As individuals, we are capable of impacting change in our immediate circles. When we bring together the brain trust of experience and education, the community will have shared competency to influence change on a grander scale.

NSRH stays relevant by evolving our organization to expand impact and bring more knowledge around the needs and opportunities when providing SRH care. We are humbled by the wisdom of our sage nursing professionals and refreshed by the energy from our student nurses. Interested in sharing ways that NSRH can support and serve you with membership, send us a message at [email protected], we’d love to hear from you!

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