Constitution + Character

When you come across a great path in the wilderness that leads to a hidden spot with a lake or a view, do you ever think about the people who walked that path before you? The trail-makers who knew or felt that going a specific direction would lead to a better spot. Someone with unique knowledge knew to take those first steps toward their goal even though the beauty of their journey was still obstructed. They showed up time and time again to stomp down the path for others to follow.

At NSRH, we encourage trail-makers. By providing support and resources, we encourage them to take the challenging path with confidence to stop situations or institutions that are harming, marginalizing, or ignoring our community’s needs. Disrupting the status quo alone is isolating and can leave us feeling overwhelmed, and that is why the community of nurses at NSRH continue to demonstrate the constitutional changes that need to be made in healthcare. Our nurses come together to learn from each other and build the characteristics essential to delivering comprehensive care in the moments where the path is not clear.

In times of uncertainty, NSRH will stay true and take on the difficult tasks that will impact and improve the lives of nursing professionals and the communities they serve. NSRH does the hard work that needs to be done for nurses fighting for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health, reproductive justice and rights. It is through our dedication and character that we build the ongoing trust of our community, we are here for you.

If your constitution pushes you to get involved with like minded people, NSRH membership is the community for you! Get connected with us on social media by following us at @NursesforSRH on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook and stay tuned for our membership program launch coming soon.

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