Meet the 2021 Karen Edlund Nurse Fellows & Council

 The Karen Edlund Future Nurse Leaders Fellowship, named in honor of former NSRH Board Member, Karen Edlund, RN, fuels nursing students to leverage their power and become leaders in SRH, reproductive right and reproductive justice. We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural 2021 fellows. This cohort of nurse leaders represent a diversity of educational backgrounds, geographic regions, career interests and identities. 

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Kristin Ploog (she/her)Kristin comes to the fellowship from the University of Maryland where is on the accelerated MSN track. She is starting a chapter of NSRH at her campus and host a debut event for recruits as her Nurse Leader Project. "After earning my RN license, I will take what I learned [from this fellowship] into practice so I can help deliver SRH care in a way that will empower my clients to make the best decisions for themselves regarding family planning and sexual health."

Melina Lopez (she/they)Melina is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, working toward her BSN. For their project, Melina seeks to host a bilingual Women’s Gender and Sexual Health Teach-In in their hometown of Dallas, TX. This program will include content about all kinds of SRH topics, including demystifying beliefs about transgender and gender-nonconforming people, education about pronouns, and consent.

Leslie Chase (she/her): Leslie is a nursing student at Brandman University where she is working toward a BSN degree. She also recently received her Masters of Education in Health and Wellness education and hopes to integrate this knowledge with her clinical knowledge as an RN! Her Nurse Leader project focuses on the intersection of sexual health and safety for people working  in the sex and body work industry. Leslie is partnering with local organizations to partnering to spearhead a resource drive that provides wellness packages and services to these folks.

Joy Korley (she/her): Joy is part of the MSN/DNP program at Columbia University, where she is specializing in Certified Nurse Midwifery. "This fellowship will enable me to make meaningful connections with other healthcare providers of color, and together we can empower each other to have the strength and resilience necessary to challenge white supremacy in our healthcare system." Through her Nurse Leader project, Joy will facilitate opportunities for health educators in the New York public school system to learn how to incorporate gender identity, sexual orientation, and facilitating open dialogue about sex into their curriculum.

Cassandra Durian (she/they): Cassandra is a BSN student at the University of Southern Florida - Sarasota. Their passion for SRH started with their love of working with youth, and Cassandra is excited to expand their network with nurses that have similar passions. Her project for the fellowship focuses on curating training for their nurse cohort to provide trauma-informed care for patients who experience sexual and intimate partner violence.

The Karen Edlund Advisory Council supports the professional and leadership development of the fellows through community building facilitation, contributing to fellowship curriculum and providing mentorship opportunities to the Fellows. Below are quotes from the council in why they have given their time to this program!
Aiyana Davison (she/her): 

"I hope within this council that we will see the revolutionary development of radical nurse leaders who will change the landscape of nursing and healthcare in specific disadvantaged communities. The culture of nursing requires change and underrepresented nurses are actively and passionately formulating methods to aid with that change-- and I hope to support, promote, witness, and be a part of that change."

Ana Delgado (she/her): 
"I spent years looking for community and like-minded colleagues in nursing, feeling isolated because of my desire to be inclusive of all aspects of sexual and reproductive healthcare, including abortion. As a midwife, I have always considered it “my lane” to view my patient’s lives through a holistic and intersectional lens, acknowledging the full range of their experiences, and above all, viewing their right to access safe, satisfying and high quality health care as a human right. My hope is to share what I have learned and continue to grow as a nurse, midwife, and mentor."

Victoria Fletcher (she/her): 
"I am passionate about developing the next generation of nurse leaders in reproductive health.  To address health disparities and health equity the nursing workforce at all levels, including the leadership level, should reflect the communities served.  In the spirit of Karen Edlund, I am pleased to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and expertise and provide support to nursing student Karen Edlund fellows."

Lodz Joseph-Lemon (she/her): 
"I believe in mentorship and professional development. In order to thrive, adult learners must be able to feel vulnerable and have outlets to help push their minds. I want to help others during the formative part of their nursing journey."

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